Call for Volunteers

The Flink Forward team is calling for volunteers! Join us, and you will help create an enjoyable Flink Forward experience for attendees, speakers, sponsors and fellow volunteers.

This is a great opportunity to gain insights into the organization of a tech conference and to also get in touch with the open source stream processing community. About 20 volunteers will be responsible for various conference duties such as accreditation and stage management.

Become a team member for one day!
As a volunteer, you will get involved in the organization of the event. In exchange for 8 hours of volunteering you will get a free ticket for the whole conference including food and drinks and an Apache Flink T-shirt – and of course our deep gratitude! Do you want to get involved in the organization of this year’s Flink Forward? Send an email to:

Volunteers in the following fields needed:

Construction/Dismantling – help us with the setup before Flink Forward starts and/or the cleaning up at the end of the conference
Registration – welcome our attendees and speakers and check their tickets.
Stage Manager – support our speakers and keep the schedule in time.

Thank you for your commitment, and we are all looking forward to welcoming you as a team member!